Thursday, December 26, 2019

Why Businesses Should Consider CLOUD Email Hosting?

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Computing delivers Infrastructure-as-a-Service(IaaS) by integrating the industry's best technologies into flexible service offerings. Our cloud computing services go one step further by offering additional advantage such as increased reliability through our no single point of failure approach and enhanced performance using robust infrastructure.
We provide a wide range of cloud hosting services including private, hybrid and public cloud hosting. All of our solutions are mission critical. We focus on providing only high-end cloud hosting using enterprise-grade networking, hardware and software. We offer hosting solutions to a variety of clients from small businesses to large corporations. We guarantee reliability, scalability, security and performance. We take pride in delivering each solution, tailor-made to our clients' requirements. All solutions are backed by our superior customer service and 'extra mile' support culture.

Public Cloud Computing Solutions

Public cloud allows enterprises to consume IT resources fully on-demand, without the burden of maintaining data centers and physical hardware. While public cloud computing was popularized by low cost and best effort services, YUKTHI Systems enterprise-focused cloud computing offers variety of enterprise-grade infrastructure-as-a-service and value-added offerings. YUKTHI Systems Public Cloud Computing Solutions brings together the best aspects of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) technologies with deep managed hosting expertise to better map your company's resources directly to usage, while ensuring that performance and uptime goals are exceeded.

Benefits of Public Cloud Computing Solutions

YUKTHI Systems maintains the entire cloud infrastructure (web servers, application servers, load balancing) and provides customers an interactive dashboard to monitor and manage their cloud resources. YUKTHI Systems Public Cloud Computing Solutions is designed to readily integrate with your technical resources regardless of where they are hosted. This includes local or hosted CRM, fulfillment, and existing websites.

Private Cloud Computing Solutions

YUKTHI Systems Private Cloud Computing Solutions blends industry-leading technology with premier managed service expertise. This combination delivers infrastructure to power the most complex applications and achieve rigorous compliance requirements. YUKTHI Systems expert technicians work closely with your business to develop a Private Cloud solution. to address your current requirements and is built to scale into your longer term IT management strategy to ensure maximum flexibility, agility, security and faster time to market.

Benefits of Private Cloud Computing Solutions

YUKTHI Systems designs and maintains the servers, storage, network, hypervisor and cloud management infrastructure that is designed as per the clients specific requirement. The customer is provided a dashboard of full performance and monitoring tools. Experts at YUKTHI Systems work to ensure that your mission-critical applications always up and running, You could concentrate on your business, better leverage IT resources, and lower costs.

Hybrid Cloud Computing Solutions

YUKTHI Systems Hybrid Solutions uses a right match of Public Cloud + Private Cloud to offer the perfect recipe for you success. With Hybrid Clouds, sensitive data and highly proprietary information is protected in your Private Cloud while web and application servers leverage the flexibility and scalability of our public cloud.

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Computing Solutions

Hybrid Cloud Solution can be designed to host application, web servers and load balancers reside in the Public Cloud. Sensitive data resides in the Private Cloud, powered by YUKTHI

 Systems. Customers can also easily integrate and interact with multiple environment and Public Clouds. Hybrid Cloud Solution if designed effectively could help client save resources and money by moving less critical applications and data to the Public Cloud, while maintaining sensitive data and applications in a Private Cloud.
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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Email migration services

Email Migration is a technique in which an email or multiple email messages are migrated from one email client to another email client. An identical term is Mailbox Migration, in which case records such as appointments, contacts, e-mails or tasks may also be migrated.normally, email migration is required when a user is switching from its current email client to a new one. commonly email clients don't support similar file formats for saving mailbox data.

Below are some points provides Email migration services:

External migration services:
If you are a new customer/client and require email data to be migrated from another provider, we will help you. We provide two email migration support options to make your transition as easy as possible: self-service migration, and assisted migration.

Self-service migration:
Run your migration at any time of the day or night with Migration, which you can access in the Cloud Office Control Panel. For instructions on how to use Migration, see Migrate your email by using the self-service migration tool.

  • Assisted migration:
Assisted migrations are ideal for companies that need help scheduling, consulting, and planning, a migration project. Our assisted email migration service will give you peace of mind knowing that your email migration is being coordinated by the best team of email migration experts.

  • Internal migration services:
The Rackspace internal migration services can help you switch to a new email platform, rename email accounts, change domain names, and more. Submit a request via a ticket, and we will take care of the rest.

Benefits of Migrating to Office 365:

With an increasing number of businesses looking to the cloud for IT cost reduction, reduced infrastructure complexity and improved security, improved productivity and collaboration, flexibility in delivering the latest tools, we are seeing a rise in the number of companies that are looking at options to promote. 

We investigate the top 5 benefits of migrating to Office 365.

1) Control your costs and provide financial flexibility for your organization
Office 365 is supplied with a monthly pricing structure and provides suitable price flexibility with its services. There are various subscription plans to choose from and therefore you can choose a plan depending on your needs, instead of paying large amounts upfront for the tools you may need to run your organization. 

2) Work from anywhere and at any time
Office 365 is a cloud-based solution that allows users to access their documents anywhere and at any time from iOS, PCs, Macs, and Android devices. Ideal for home, part-time, and full-time workers making it perfect for modern work environments. 

3) Cut the cost and streamline IT support and maintenance
For on-premise deployments, all of the installation, support, repair and upgrade costs for your infrastructure adds a significant cost to your organization. With Office 365, this is reduced significantly. No local servers to go wrong, to upgrade or manage. No software upgrades or patch rollouts to complete.

4) The best in Security and Compliance
Managed security and tools to make your security even greater. Among all the cloud-based suites, Office 365 is prominent for providing the best security measures to protect your data. Office 365 manages your deleted email data according to their own Data Loss Prevention Policy. 

5) One Drive for Business
OneDrive for Business lets you store and protect your files, share them with others, and get to them from anywhere on all your devices. Utilizing the supplied sync app, your OneDrive space can be seen from your local device like a local disk drive and you can also sync locally for offline use.

We hope you find this article helpful. Please note, Office 365 is not suitable for every type of organization, spending time evaluating the benefits of moving to office 365 and investigating the impact it will have on your organization is recommended before leaping. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this article or any other.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

5 Advantages Of Email Archiving

Conservation of Intellectual Property
Relying on the size of your organization, past emails can give a large portion of intelligence considering your company. By utilizing an email archive, you can influence understanding and data analytics from the past to keep your business going further.

End-user and IT Productivity
When you can place some of the control into the hands of the end-user, it is fine. When you can clear up some of your IT staff’s time, that is even preferable! When you archive your company’s data, you now have the capacity to better the efficiency of your end-users and your IT staff. In many organizations, employees who forget or delete emails and other content are occasionally unable to motivate IT to recover the material. The firm that implements archiving solutions and then awards their users entry to archived content, permits users to retrieve deleted, missing, older email, or their own without having to bother IT. When the end-user can retrieve their own email messages more rapidly, it makes IT more effective because they do not have to reply to these types of recovery applications.

Storage and Knowledge Management
Considering email is a major tool for business efficiency, you can gather a huge amount of data in a brief span of time.  This means diminished server space in your primary storage location and compromised execution with business administrations.

By transferring the data to an email archive, you can retain money on the price of storage.  It also permits your staff to recover data quicker and stops the warning of a catastrophe such as a server crash. Moreover, it gives peace of mind that your emails can be retrieved in the occurrence of data loss.

In extension, your storage necessities are considerably decreased with tinier inbox sizes. The end-user can approach archived messages via a web dashboard or right from the mailbox.

The email archive structure also acts as a knowledge reservoir that gives entry to powerful knowledge management tools including advanced search techniques, keyword searches, email sorting, content retrieval, and other implements that help to form the business more fruitful.

Enhanced Business capacity with Simple data recovery
Email archiving results are devised for simple retrieval of isolated email and attachments. If an end-user unexpectedly removes or disarranges a prime email, it can be retrieved fastly using a standard email archive solution. When the email is recovered, so is the metadata which makes it simple to filter through the data abstract to discover the content you are looking for.

Value Management
Applying an offsite email archiving solution minimizes prices associated with IT maintenance.  This is particularly true if you select to archive email messages with a third party such as a cloud service provider.  You spend a low monthly contribution while the cloud provider conserves the service and security.  This allows you to use the price savings for other important business initiatives.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Document Management System in Bangalore

Document management software can help employees work faster with instant access to information. Organizations have begun to realize the importance of structured filing and the plethora of benefits that can be achieved by an efficient Document Management System. Now that you decide to go digital and standardize your office process by implementing a Document Management System there arises a question of choosing the one which fits the purpose. With a large part of information management in the public sector comprising of document management, implementation of an efficient document management system has become a clever imperative for e-government.

Yukthi Systems is one of The Best Document Management Software, has been helping an organization manage their documents efficiently for over a decade. We understand every organization is different and what else sets you separately from the competition other than innovation! and we are here to help you make things even better by automating your day to day activities so you could focus on what really matters for your business to grow.

E-Government and the need for the Document Management System

Information communication technology (ICT) has transformed the way we live, work, learn, and play. Governments worldwide experience with the challenge of modification and the need to recreate government systems in order to deliver well organized and cost-effective services, advice, and knowledge through information and communication technologies. E-Government is the latest ICT revolution in governments to increase efficiency, effectiveness, responsibility, and transparency. In an information-concerted society, efficient information management is extremely critical for e-governance.

The primary objective of e-Government is not just limited to providing information services to its citizens but also includes the development of clever links among various government departments, communications at various levels of government (Federal, State, and Local Governments), facilitation of government policies, operations, transactions and strategy implementations etc. All these require that government’s daily transactions, operations, and resources are digitized for cost-effective and suitable service quality. Unlike the traditional methods of governance where paper-based documents were dominant, e-Government services require the implementation of a robust document management system (DMS), which is akin to the bloodstream of effective e-Government.

Document management system (DMS) is one such tool powered by ICT and utilized by e-Government implementations for managing valuable information resources from documents in any government or business setting. The solution helps to support the communication process between citizens and authorities on the one hand and increase the efficiency of internal government processes on the other hand. It helps governments smooth operations to deliver value through better productivity, and empower government staff to respond quickly and collaboratively to meet the needs of constituents.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Gigantic Influences of DevOps

Even as DevOps adoption continues to accelerate day by day in both large enterprises and web-native organizations, confusion lingers about what exactly the term DevOps means. Is DevOps culture, a movement, an approach, a philosophy, or some amalgam of several of these things? Or does DevOps mean different things to different people?

DevOps represents a change in IT culture, by focusing on rapid IT service delivery through the adoption of agile, lean practices in the context of a system-oriented approach. DevOps emphasizes people and seeks to improve collaboration between operations and development teams. DevOps implementations utilize core technology— especially automation tools that can leverage an increasingly programmable and dynamic infrastructure from a life cycle perspective.

Companies that incorporate DevOps into practices get more done, plain and simple. With a single team composed of cross-functional members all working in collaboration, DevOps organizations can deliver things with maximum speed, functionality, and innovation.

technical benefits of DevOps :

Continuous software delivery
Less complexity to manage
Faster resolution of problems

cultural benefits of DevOps :

Happier, more productive teams
Higher employee engagement
Greater professional development opportunities

business benefits of DevOps :

Faster delivery of features
More stable operating environments
Improved communication and collaboration
More time to innovate (rather than fix/maintain)

There is enormous waste in a typical IT environment with people waiting for other people and other machines—or they are stuck solving the same problems over and over time. Workers like to be productive and the time spent churning causes frustration and unhappiness among the workers. When people get rid of the unsatisfying parts of their job and can instead spend that time adding value to the organization, everyone gets benefits from it.

Automated deployments and standardized production environments, key aspects of DevOps models of IT operations, make deployments predictable and free people from routine repetitive tasks to go and do more creative things.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Work Management Is An Integrated Processes Is Bound To Make An Impact In Your Business

Work Management is integrated processes and procedures that help the organization to schedule their work more efficiently, meet consumer’s needs, utilize assets and evaluate performance. This helps in better customer services, provides estimates to actual comparisons, and further helps in more accurate benchmarking. One can easily know the actual cost of work completed when there is commonality through all systems.

In today’s highly competing marketplace, organizations must deliver goods and services faster than ever while surpass their competitors in quality. To meet this demand, many companies are clarifying their internal processes with the hopes of eliminating repetition, reducing waste, and gaining productivity — all with the goal of increasing product success at market. The underlying structure for this process assessment and variation is work management, a complete way for organizations to manage and improve upon their current processes.


If work management is the theoretical concept to help teams improve efficiency, a work management system is a tool that helps them to apply the concept of Work Management. There is a number of activities being performed in every organization. So a platform is needed to map out the processes, monitor progress, and resource allocation, and store all key documentation. A strong work management system also provides users with conversation and collaboration features that establish work. Moreover, it helps with version control.

The most important benefit of work management software is that it can improve your overall business performance. By using tools that make it easier to track, manage, and organize work, one can, not only discover inefficiencies within their current operations. but also reduce the time previously spent manually tracking and updating progress. Ultimately, using a strong work management system will lead to more decent, faster production and more capable internal processes.

Regardless of the type of work management system one chooses, one can have these benefits:

COLLABORATIVE TASK MANAGEMENT: Team members can use work management systems to come together to achieve work. Many systems let you assign tasks, update progress, make lists, and participate in real time.

CENTRALIZED COMMUNICATION: This functionality supports collaboration among team members as well as between teams and departments.

FLEXIBILITY: Because using a comprehensive work management system makes it easier to view and track work, one can gain flexibility in their process timeline.

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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Email Migration Service in Bangalore

Migration from traditional on-premises email messages to the fast-growing Microsoft cloud has become the new game plan of any organization nowadays. This will somehow help them in enhancing the business and reduces capital cost also. Therefore, users are rapidly giving up on using Exchange Server and switching to Microsoft Office 365. However, Office 365 is much easier to manage compared to desktop-based services and eliminates the management overhead also associated with it. An administrator can move mailboxes from an Exchange Server also. However, the manual methods to migrate email messages to office 365 are quite multiplex and time taking while performing. So, to have a direct and seamless reach, a user can try Office 365 Import tool also. Apart from this, the blog will let users know all these methodologies that help them to move your existing email messages to Office 365 in a convenient manner.

1. Email Migrate from Exchange Server to Office 365 While migrating from an existing on-premises Exchange Server environment, an administrator can easily export all emails, contacts, and calendars from the user mailboxes. Now, to migrate mailboxes, a user can perform three types of email migration and are discussed below to migrate email messages to office 365

2. Use Import Services of Office 365Sometimes company already have so many PST files that they want to migrate. In that case, one can use the import services offered by Microsoft Office 365. Now, to transfer these files to Office 365, one can use any of these two methods i.e., Network Upload and Drive Shipping.

Yukthi Systems understands that the migration to a new service can be challenging, no matter the size of the stored email data. We delight ourselves in providing our customers with support in not only the technical feature of migration but also in marketing, messaging and customer support. Yukthi Systems performs migrations and works intimately with our clients to determine their specific migration needs. Our philosophy is to work closely with the customer for a seamless transition with no service downtime or user data compromise.

Yukthi Systems migration tools offer two simple, minimally impacting methods for fast migrating email services to the Yukthi Systems platform; standard migration and bulk export migration. Both processes involve a small amount of upfront planning by Yukthi Systems migration engineers and the client to prepare for suitable migration. Yukthi Systems migration engineers will guide the client through all the necessary steps.