Friday, October 12, 2018

Why We Need a Document Management System?

DMS- Document Management System for storing and tracking documents. It arose as a way to convert paper documents to digital documents. 

A DMS is a way to automate manual processes, and it is a key part of a digital transformation for any organization. Document management system captures, Stores and distributes documents.

Let's see how it will happen

1.Document Capture from Any Source

DMS need to do document capture from any source.

Document capture is the capability to save documents so you can find them later it could be done by indexing, it is a crucial way to classify a document. Indexing makes it easier to locate documents later on.

Document capture helps you to find any document tomorrow or ten years later.

There are many ways you can capture documents.

Capture for Paper Documents

Scanners with high speed have long been used to capture paper documents. But scanning documents on its own is not enough. A document management system should take documents from the scanner, It can then add indexing by order number, for example, Indexing can be done by many ways they are by hand, through Enterprise Resource Planning-ERP, screen integration, and zone Optical Character Recognition-OCR, barcoding. 

Capture for Email

E-mail messages and their attachments are a key part of managing the business today. Yukthi system also offers e-mail Services in Bangalore. A DMS gives you a way to capture the messages and invoices immediately.

Capture for System Generated Reports

A DAM provides you the capability to capture these system generated reports automatically, and it helps you make them available to your warehouse managers and sales teams faster.

Capture for Any Application

Some of the systems generated reports, for instance, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are usually among these.

2. Central Document Storage

DMS need to have central document storage. This is important for managing and retaining documents that come from all over the place. This is important for several reasons.

Central Access

A document management system gives employees the ability to use documents wherever they are. 

This can be done on-premises or it can be done by utilizing cloud-based document storage. Central document storage should be used for invoices, purchase orders and documents like forms, and emails. Yukthi system also Providing services for Cloud Data Backup in Bangalore.

Document Security

Document security is just as important as central access and a document management system gives you security in three ways they are Encryption, Digital Rights Management, and Collaboration

3.Document Retrieval and Distribution

Document management systems require to include document retrieval and distribution. This is important to make sure you are able to utilise and share your documents.

Document Retrieval

Document retrieval needs to be quick and easy. When a customer calls in with a question on an invoice for a customer service rep, that rep needs to be able to retrieve the invoice quickly.

Document management systems give you the search features to be able to retrieve a document on any keyword search because of indexing. Using the right index keys ensures you will be able to retrieve a document easily.

Document Distribution

Document distribution is a key role of any document management system. It’s the way you are able to send documents to customers, vendors, and even employees. Document management systems give you the capability to distribute documents any way you need.

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