Thursday, April 25, 2019

Email Migration Service in Bangalore

Migration from traditional on-premises email messages to the fast-growing Microsoft cloud has become the new game plan of any organization nowadays. This will somehow help them in enhancing the business and reduces capital cost also. Therefore, users are rapidly giving up on using Exchange Server and switching to Microsoft Office 365. However, Office 365 is much easier to manage compared to desktop-based services and eliminates the management overhead also associated with it. An administrator can move mailboxes from an Exchange Server also. However, the manual methods to migrate email messages to office 365 are quite multiplex and time taking while performing. So, to have a direct and seamless reach, a user can try Office 365 Import tool also. Apart from this, the blog will let users know all these methodologies that help them to move your existing email messages to Office 365 in a convenient manner.

1. Email Migrate from Exchange Server to Office 365 While migrating from an existing on-premises Exchange Server environment, an administrator can easily export all emails, contacts, and calendars from the user mailboxes. Now, to migrate mailboxes, a user can perform three types of email migration and are discussed below to migrate email messages to office 365

2. Use Import Services of Office 365Sometimes company already have so many PST files that they want to migrate. In that case, one can use the import services offered by Microsoft Office 365. Now, to transfer these files to Office 365, one can use any of these two methods i.e., Network Upload and Drive Shipping.

Yukthi Systems understands that the migration to a new service can be challenging, no matter the size of the stored email data. We delight ourselves in providing our customers with support in not only the technical feature of migration but also in marketing, messaging and customer support. Yukthi Systems performs migrations and works intimately with our clients to determine their specific migration needs. Our philosophy is to work closely with the customer for a seamless transition with no service downtime or user data compromise.

Yukthi Systems migration tools offer two simple, minimally impacting methods for fast migrating email services to the Yukthi Systems platform; standard migration and bulk export migration. Both processes involve a small amount of upfront planning by Yukthi Systems migration engineers and the client to prepare for suitable migration. Yukthi Systems migration engineers will guide the client through all the necessary steps.